Democracyball is of ball that can into election. He was born when the Greekballs had their weird cycle of tyranny, democracy, then oligarchy. SPQRball tried to use Democracyball, but it failed spectacularly. USAball is one of the, if not the oldest existing countryball that can into democracy. Democracyball was surprised that Franceball lost her mind to economic crisis, then massacred some people, then elected Robbespierre, then massacred some more people. Democracyball stayed with USAball until after USAball inspired colonies to break free from their colonizers. USAball was cool with helping them with their governments, so Democracyball expanded as well. Things stayed smooth until Spain got power-hungry again. USAball told Spainball stay out, & UKball agreed with USAball, so Democracyball gave them the Monroe Doctrine. Then USAball slept, expanded, & watched Europe until his Civil War. CSAball wanted states' rights to slavery, so he came up with his own government, then attacked Fort Sumter. USAball declared war. Democracyball saw that UKball & Franceball almost helped CSAball because he could into cotton. But they decided not to once Democracyball told USAball their plan in 1864. USAball was angry at UKball, but German Empireball did something stupid in South Africaball, so UKball was too busy for the war. In the 20th century, Russian Empireball was still being fedual as always, but Empire of Japanball got hungry for land, so he declared war on Russian Empireball. The war lasted a year, until Russian Empireball lost. Democracyball, with USAball's help, wrote a treaty for the two warring nations. Quingball then collapsed seven years later, then the Republic of Chinaball got Democracyball to help him with his government. Meanwhile in Europe, France, haven retrying Democracyball after German Empireball united after defeating 2nd French Empireball. German Empireball, Austria-Hungaryball, Ottoman Empireball, & Italyball formed an Alliance. UKball, Franceball, & Russian Empireball formed a Triple Entente. Serbiaball supposedly shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand, thus WW1 had begun. German Empireball declared dual war with Franceball & Russian Empireball, he then attacked through Belgiumball to around French forces. UKball declared war on German Empireball. German Empireball then started shooting at USAball's ships to keep him out of the war. This angered USAball, but he did not attack until, with British assistance, Democracyball exposed the Zimmerman Note. The note invited Mexicoball to join the Central Powers so he could re-conquer Texasball, Arizonaball, & New Mexicoball. USAball scowled at Mexicoball briefly, then declared war on German Empireball. Democracyball, while very drunk on French wines, wrote the treaty of Versaillesball. Germanyball grew resentful of everybody who fought him, except USAball. In 1936, Democracyball abandoned Germanyball, leaving Fascismball to do the caretaking of not only Italyball, but Germanyball as well.